Chocolate Making CourseYou a welcome to join us for our new Chocolate Making Course on 26th April from 10am – 12pm

Course fee is £35 per person.

How it works

The course will be approx 2 hours. During the first part there will be an introduction to chocolate, learning the history of chocolate, where and how it is produced from bean to bar. This will include tastings along the way of raw cocoa beans & different types of chocolate.

The second part will be making a basic truffle, making a ganache, piping, rolling & coating the truffles. At the end of the course participants will take home a bag of approx 16 truffles in either dark or milk chocolate, bags & ribbons will be provided.  Bring a friend as it is more fun to work in pairs when making the chocolates.

Hope to see all you budding chocolatiers there.

Contact us or pop in for more details or to pre-book.